EPIC Pueblo - Executives Partnering to Invest in Children


The Situation:

Low test scores, school violence, teen pregnancy, vandalism; buzz words we read everyday. All of these contribute to a vicious cycle of poverty. A cycle that drags down the entire community. How do we help? What can we do? Where do we start? EPIC starts at the beginning. Let's invest in our children, to create a brighter future for tomorrow for everyone.

Start Behind - Stay Behind:

  • Children from non-interactive homes go to Kindergarten with a 1,200 word vocabulary vs. children from interactive homes going to school with over a 3,000 word vocabulary
  • Society will pay on average $50,000 to make up for that gap before the child turns 18
  • California builds prisons based on current 3rd Grade reading levels

It all starts at Day 1 - We Can Make A Difference!

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Email: paula.dunn@evrazna.com


Please make checks payable to United Way of Pueblo County and include EPIC Pueblo in the memo line.
Mail to: EPIC Pueblo, c/o United Way of Pueblo County, PO Box 11566, Pueblo, CO 81001.


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