Funding Allocation

How We Allocate Funds

Money donated through United Way of Pueblo County goes directly to local health and human service agencies. United Way of Pueblo County is proud that more than .89 cents of every dollar goes directly to programs benefiting the people of Pueblo County.  Less than 1% of our operating budget goes to United Way Worldwide membership dues.  This membership enables our organization to use national advertising, research, training and other programs. However, the money raised here stays here.

The United Way allocations committee, comprised of local volunteers, review the annual requests by the partner agencies and make the funding recommendations, ensuring every penny is spent wisely.  They carefully distribute the funds that you entrust to them according to the needs in the community. This process ensures your contribution has a maximum impact on your community.   These recommendations are given to the United Way Board of Trustees for final approval. 

They also are charged with oversight and monitoring funds distributed by United Way to funded programs.

If you chose, you can specify exactly where your contribution will go. The money you donate can go to precisely the organizations, issues and local needs you chose.  Remember, United Way of Pueblo County is an independent, local organization. The money given to United Way of Pueblo County goes to help individuals and families right here in Pueblo County. United Way of Pueblo County is a member of United Way Worldwide. 

Click here to see the detailed announcement of 2017-2018 Funding

More than 89% of funds go directly to programming, with less than 11% towards administrative and fundraising costs

When you donate to United Way, you are actually donating to over 25 different non-profit agencies dedicated to helping Pueblo County citizens from infants to senior citizens! Contributing to United Way of Pueblo County is the best way of providing help to those that who need it most. 


Where Funds Come From

All money contributed to United Way of Pueblo County comes from voluntary donations.  United Way of Pueblo County adheres to a strict code of confidentiality.  We do not release or sell our list of donors.


Service Area

  • Pueblo, Pueblo West, Rye, Boone, Colorado City, Beulah


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