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Our Vision

Be a catalyst for sustainable community-driven change to build a healthy future with empowerment for all.

Our Mission

To serve as a trusted community leader by leveraging resources in support of collaborative solutions. 

Our History

The spirit of philanthropic giving began in Pueblo in 1923 when community leaders raised $105,000 by going door-to-door. It was known first as the Community Chest, Single Fund, then the United Fund and now, United Way. While the name changed, the mission remained constant--to facilitate the opportunity to give to a single entity and help support the array of needed and critical services in our community.

United Way of Pueblo County is autonomous, directing our own course based on community needs and the direction given by our governing board.

The power of United Way is a result of a community-wide collaboration to help those in need. UWPC relies on hundreds of committed volunteers each year to help solve the most critical issues of our community through various health and human service agencies. Knowledgeable volunteers are also dedicated to ensuring good stewardship of funds. Programming/support is in four priority areas - economic mobility and opportunity, youth success, crisis intervention, and nonprofit capacity development. Because of the generosity of donors throughout the years, thousands of individuals and families' lives have been touched.

Values Statement

Justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion are foundational to the work we do at United Way of Pueblo County. We have always stood for coming together to support one another in times of need, advocating for equity, strengthening, and healing for all. We recognize structural racism, ethnic discrimination, and other forms of oppression have contributed to disparities that persist in the present and have marginalized entire populations of people. UWPC opposes all forms of racism/ethnic discrimination, as it directly undermines the well-being and vitality of our community and beyond.

Shared, community-driven goals can only be accomplished when barriers based on race, gender, sexual orientation, and other identities no longer predict socioeconomic, education, and health outcomes. We are committed to continually learn and ensure our processes, partnerships, and programming reflect this commitment to actively serving all populations, particularly the commonly disadvantaged and underserved.

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