Middle School Mentoring Program

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Due to COVID-19, the Middle School Mentoring Program has moved to remote operations with PenPal letter writing projects to keep mentees engaged with their mentees during this difficult times. Additional strategies are be developed to maintain the relationships and support system built through this program for students in need.

Once schools are reopened for the 2020-2021 school year, the in-person, school based program will be restarted. Additional mentors are continually sought to begin filling slots for incoming students in the program and filling replacement mentor positions. If you are interested in joining as mentor for the 2020-2021 school year, click here.

Mentors will spend time with their student, during the lunch hour at the school. The hour might be spent helping the student with homework, providing encouragement, problem solving, providing an ear for students who need a positive adult role model in their life, playing a fun game or even shooting some hoops.

The 2019 - 2020 school year began with over 120 mentors were working with students in six schools: Heaton Middle School, Liberty Point International School, Pueblo Academy of Arts, Roncalli STEM Academy, Risley International Academy of Innovation, and Vineland Middle School. Mentors are initially paired with an incoming 6th grader and follow the student into the 7th and 8th grade.

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Fall 2020 - End of the School Year


Participating Pueblo City Schools and District #70 Middle Schools


Mentors are asked to spend just 1 hour per week with their student during the lunch hour through the duration of the program


Employees that are available one hour a week, free time or flex time, during lunch to mentor a student. Having time, being committed and attentive during the time with the student is crucial.

Safety Screening required for all potential mentors:
• Criminal History & Child Abuse Registry • References
• Personal Interview • Training

In January 2012, United Way of Pueblo County began a pilot mentorship program in coordination with Heaton Middle School aimed at pairing nurturing adults as positive mentors with 6th grade students. After evaluating the one semester pilot, the program showed signs of success including improvements in behavior, grades and test scores and was expanded upon to reach additional students.

Mission Statement

The mentoring programs will provide the framework for positive relationships between the business community, school community and the community at large. These relationships will allow the student to make positive connections between the world of work, school and their community. Students will be helped to develop personal skills and career awareness in order to make better life‑long decisions and contributions.

Goals and Objectives

1.To provide positive relationships with caring adults.
2.To provide a framework for positive future growth and decision making skills.
3.To help develop effective problem solving skills and effective communication skills.
4.To help an individual develop his/her own vision for the future.
5.To encourage individuals to develop to their fullest potential.
6.To help meet student's needs as communities provide resources and expertise to schools.
7.To build a sense of community (classroom, school, town/county, state...global)
8.To create opportunities for:
a.  Positive connections between businesses, schools and their communities.
   b.  Create awareness and exploration.


Thank you to our 2019-2020 Middle School Mentors!

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